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This 3 hours workshop is for anyone experiencing stress, anxiety, fear, burn out or any heavy emotion preventing you to feel and be free in life.
This workshop will be a mix of singing bowls (quartz), relaxation, guided meditation, visualization exercises, flow writing and theory about emotion and the importance to take some 'me time'. My work is inspired by Dr Joe Dispenza work, Ramana Maharshi wisdom, coaching techniques, regressive hypnosis and of course my own intuition.

The goal for this mini-workshop is for you to take some 'me time' to slow down the mental brain, to sooth the nervous system and to open your mind to answers you always had within but you never realized because of your chatting mind.

What to Bring for a better experience?
- A Yoga mat
- A warm and cozy blanket
- A pillow
- A bolster for your knees or when sitting
- A book/paper
- A pen
- Comfortable cloths to breath properly
​- Water

How to book? Email me at lilly@bodymindcare.org with your full name, email and phone number. I will send you an email back with my bank account number. Put your name for reference. Once the payment is received I will send you an email of confirmation.
​-------Bookings close on Friday 27th of May or when sold out--------

Who Am I? I am Lilly or Aurelie and I am based in Alexandra where I have my own therapeutic room. I offer massage and I also do Hypno-coaching programs in person and online (emotional/life reset program using a mix of coaching and hypnotherapy techniques).
I use to be someone very stressed, unhappy, angry and depressed, you can name it! My healing journey really started when I arrived in NZ in 2011. I now feel empower, strong and happy and my goal is to show people that we all can be strong, happy and empowered. We just need to find the right therapies that will help us. I believe we all have a Unique gift to offer to ourselves and others. We all are complementary from each others. No one hold the truth, but a point of view. Together we create the scenery.

I am looking forward to meeting you !

<![CDATA[Take care of yourself this winter]]>Thu, 28 Apr 2022 02:44:15 GMThttps://bodymindcare.co.nz/blog/take-care-of-yourself-this-winterWinter is coming... The leaves are falling down signaling the time to slow down, to take a break and look around. All our senses are changing, the smell of the air, the sound of the ground hardening up beneath our feet and a sense of quietness taking place. The sun is playing between branches and we are now looking for the last warm rays of light to store as much Vitamin D as we can before the colder days...

Another cycle is about to start. Winter is also time to reflect on ourselves, where we are at in our life, what we have achieved and where we want to go.
The world, the society is in a deep transmutation which impacts us to the core. Changes are unsettling, scary because of the 'unknown', we are forced to change our old habits and sometimes we have to rethink completely our life (partnership, job, social life...).

The perspective and the way you look at your life IS the key. What feels scary and unsettling is one point of view. The one we have been taught all our life, that we cannot control what is outside of us. If it's 'outside of us' we are the victim, we have to undergo this life and there is nothing we can do about it. It is completely disempowering ourselves.
If you change your perspective, you will see things differently, a bit more detached with a wider view point. You may see solutions you didn't see before. Imagine yourself in a forest. It's dark, you are lost, This is your life right now. Imagine now that you are climbing up and then suddenly you will see an opening through the trees and you will notice the forest underneath and the village behind. This is the other perspective, when you detach yourself from the 'scary' forest. You now see the forest and the village, you found the solution you couldn't see before.
All our life we have been creating programs upon programs of fear, powerless, anger, sadness, low self-esteem or worthiness. All those programs are reinforced with new updates (a new situation that will make you feel even more sad or disempowered). That is because you have been taught to always look for the answer outside of yourself, when actually the answer is within. These programs have been created unconsciously somewhere in your past.
This is my work. I have been through all that. I am now climbing along my the mountain and the highest I am climbing, the happier and the lightest I am feeling. My goal is to also show you that you too can climb the mountain and find your own solutions. You too can feel light, happy within you. You too can finally let go and cut all the heavy chains attached to you from your past. My work is to show your past from a different perspective, so you won't be afraid of it, you won't be sad or angry... you will look it from a wiser perspective, completely detached from you. The higher you climb, the easiest it will be. It's like training for a marathon. You need to practice; it's hard when you start then it becomes easier and you are progressing really fast.
I can see the result in my clients in the space of 2-3 months. They are completely different. Their anxiety, their fear, their worries, their anger is replaced with lightness, self-care, self-love, forgiveness for themselves. And they find the answer themselves! That IS the incredible beauty of it.
Today is a new beginning, winter is settling... time to reflect on yourself... what are you ready to begin FOR YOU?

<![CDATA[Free flow writing at Flow Space]]>Sat, 16 Apr 2022 07:32:27 GMThttps://bodymindcare.co.nz/blog/free-flow-writing-at-flow-space
Earlier this month I went to Flow Space Yoga. Every first Friday of the month we have a moon circle gathering. The last one was about the welcoming of autumn, Angela our facilitator and owner gave us some words and write freely what was coming to our mind. This is an exercise I really enjoy as it comes naturally. I have been doing automatic writing all my life, and much more over the last 2-3 years. I feel the push to share. When I am in the process of writing, I completely let myself guided and I have no idea of what I write. I always need to read back.
May you enjoy as much as do. 

Letting go my fear, my expectations. Just flow with the change. 
Any change is a new opportunity to grow, thrive, learn and be challenged.
It's all about Trust and Welcoming.
Only my ego is holding me back to fully embrace the present moment. This ego that wants to protect, to control my thoughts, my actions in a linear way when in fact life is not about straight lines. It's all about trying new pathways... some hidden roads that take me to  the unexpected Divine nature of Life.
Letting go is being free from fear and stepping forward with my eyes closed. The Universe holds me in his Magnificence. It loves me and nurtures me. The Universe brings me the gift I never thought would exist. I just need to trust the process of unfolding my layers of 'old skin' to rebirth in a body of light.
Letting go is the possibility to become a better version of myself.

With my hands I harvest those beautiful fruits from all my different lives.
What has been learned is nourishing my soul to the deepest.
It allows me to be what I am today. I am looking forward to harvest the next seasons to keep thriving and become a kinder and loving being for myself and others.
Harvest is also about sharing my fruits with others. Community is a powerful word for me to accept and welcome to my life.
It is time to share my fruits with others as together we can become the Tree of Knowledge.
flow space website
<![CDATA[temoignage du coeur]]>Thu, 24 Feb 2022 01:28:42 GMThttps://bodymindcare.co.nz/blog/temoignage-du-coeurtemoignage de christelle (france)
Ce temoignage m'est tres chere car Christelle est ma famille. Je suis tellement reconnaissante en la vie que ce programme puisse lui apporter un peu d'air frais et de paix interieur pendant son traitement. 
Son temoignage est un hymne a la vie qui je l'espere va apporter du reconfort et de la force pour ceux qui sont aussi dans une situation similaire. Que vous puissiez trouver les outils et les personnes qui peuvent vous ccompagner au mieux dans votre parcours.
CANCER - Soins de support - Hypnotherapie avec Lilly Body Mind Care
Lorsqu'on est diagnostiqué d'un cancer, toute notre vie est chamboulée. L'annonce fait l'effet d'une avalanche qui balaye avec elle toutes nos croyances et nos certitudes. On se retrouve face au vide, face à la mort qui semble vouloir arriver plus vite que prévu. On est submergé de peurs. On panique. On se pose 1000 questions... Pourquoi moi ? Qu'est ce que j'ai fait ?
Notre cerveau devient une bouillie d'émotions qu'il est difficile d'analyser dans un premier temps.
Puis vient le moment du traitement, avec toutes les complications que cela amène au quotidien.
Je n'ai pas échappé à cette soupe émotionnelle lorsqu'on m'a annoncé la nouvelle. Mais ce jour-là, je me suis faite une promesse : celle de vivre au mieux le reste de ma vie.
J'ai décidé d'utiliser la maladie comme un support pour voir ce qui n'allait pas en moi, et de me servir de la phase de traitement comme un pont entre mes deux vies : celle que j'ai souvent subi jusqu'à présent et celle dont je serais désormais la souveraine.
Mais il peut être difficile de savoir par où commencer. On est bousculé, par les examens, les traitements, les informations sur la maladie. Notre vie semble nous échapper totalement. Notre corps ne nous appartient plus, il appartient au cancer et à ses caprices. Il appartient à la médication et à ses effets secondaires.
Cool, Raoul. Tout va bien se passer.
Et c'est dans cette tempête d'informations et de douleurs physiques que j'ai trouvé, grâce à l'Hypnotherapie, semaine après semaine, l'apaisement tant recherché. J'ai trouvé un outil qui m'amène un peu plus chaque jour vers moi-même. Et ce malgré mon quotidien. Malgré ma tempête personnelle.
Aurélie Lilly me suit depuis le début de mon traitement. Ensemble, nous sommes allées rencontrer mon subconscient et mes vieux démons. Nous sommes retournées à mes souvenirs les plus anciens. A mes plus profonds traumatismes et émotions liées à ceux ci.
On a fait un nettoyage de fond. Un reset absolu de ma vie.
J'ai compris grâce à ces séances que j'avais créé un système de croyances erroné sur moi-même et sur la vie en général. Je suis allée dans mes enfers personnels et je suis remontée avec toute une panoplie de leçons de vie que voulaient me transmettre mon subconscient. On a défait, souvenir après souvenir, chaque émotion négative liée à ceux-ci, tout en y déposant un sentiment de gratitude pour avoir vécu ces expériences. Waw. Que ça fait du bien de lâcher tout ça. Que ça fait du bien de comprendre que nous avons les clés en nous pour surmonter chaque épreuve de la vie.
J'aimerais parler également des bienfaits de l'hypnose sur mes sensations physiques.
Chaque séance est pour moi une bouffée d'oxygène.
Je n'ai plus de douleurs le temps de la séance. Plus de maladie.
Je me retrouve dans un cocon de douceur, à visualiser ce que j'aime, qui me rassure, me fait du bien. Le temps n'est plus. Je suis, c'est tout.
Aujourd'hui, je suis toujours sous traitement. Mon combat n'est pas fini. Mais je suis bien. Je n'ai plus peur. Parce que j'ai foi. En moi, en la médecine et ses progrès incroyables, en la vie. J'ai parfois des instants de panique, parfois j'en ai marre, parfois je craque, et c'est normal. Mais en toile de fond, j'accueille toutes ces émotions avec bienveillance et je finis par m'apaiser.
Je voulais témoigner pour dire à tous ceux qui en ont besoin, qu'ils soient malades, aidants, qui traversent une période difficile et peu importe laquelle, qu'il existe des solutions pour sortir la tête de l'eau. Pour retrouver sa souveraineté. Que la vie n'est qu'une continuité de cycles, certains plus agréables que d'autres, et qu'ils ont tous le mérite d'exister et toujours pour une bonne raison.
Je vous invite à découvrir le travail d'Aurelie qui est, entre autres, spécialisée dans l'accompagnement pour les personnes atteintes de cancer. Le travail qu'on fait ensemble est simplement formidable. Je n'ai pas d'autres mots pour exprimer ma gratitude.
Nous faisons les séances à distance, via zoom.
N'hésitez pas à lui envoyer un message en privé si vous souhaitez plus d'infos.
Et merci à ceux qui auront pris le temps de lire ce texte.

<![CDATA[Testimony from the heart]]>Thu, 24 Feb 2022 01:15:15 GMThttps://bodymindcare.co.nz/blog/testimony-from-the-heartChristelle Testimony (France)
This testimony is dear to my heart as I know very well this person. I feel extremely blessed to see how the program allowed her to feel lighter and more peaceful while she is going through her treatment. She is 26, young and full of life. This testimony is an hymn of hope and will power which I hope will encourage others to have faith and do whatever is possible to find the right tools and people to overcome this dreadful disease.

CANCER - Support Care - Hypnotherapy ft. Lilly Body Mind Care
When we are diagnosed with cancer, our entire life is turned upside down. The announcement has the effect of an avalanche that sweeps with it all our beliefs and certainties in life. We are facing emptiness and death that seems to want to happen sooner than expected. We are submerged in fear. We're panicking. We ask ourselves a thousand questions... Why me? What have I done?
Our brain is boiling with emotions that are difficult to analyse in the first place.
Then comes the time of treatment, with all the complications it brings in our daily life.
I did not escape this ‘emotional soup’ when the news was announced. But that day I made a promise to myself: to live for the best the rest of my life.
I decided to use the disease as a support to find what was unbalanced within me, and to use the treatment as a bridge between my two lives: the one I was suffering from until the diagnosis and the one I will now create and become sovereign with.
But it can be difficult to know where to start. We're busy by exams, treatments and information about the disease. Our lives seem to escape us completely. Our bodies don't belong to us anymore, it belongs to the cancer and its whims. It belongs to the medicine and its side effects.
“Cool, Raoul”. Everything will be alright.
And it's through this storm of information and physical pain that I found, thanks to Hypnotherapy, week after week, a much-wanted relief. I found a tool that brings me back within myself a bit more every day. And this despite my daily routine. Despite my personal storm.
Aurélie Lilly from Body Mind Care has been following me since the beginning of my treatment. Together we went to meet my subconscious and my old demons. We went back to my oldest memories. To my deepest trauma and emotions related to these.
We have done a deep clean. An absolute reset of my life.
I understood through these sessions that I had created a wrong belief system about myself and life in general. I went through my personal hell and came back with a whole array of life lessons my subconscious showed me. We've released, memory after memory, every negative emotion associated with them, while leaving a feeling of gratitude for having lived these experiences. Wow. It feels so good to let go of all this. It feels good to understand that we have the keys inside us to overcome every challenge in life.
I would also like to talk about the benefits of hypnosis on my physical sensations.
Every session is a breath of oxygen to me.
No more pain session time. No more sickness.
I find myself in a corner of sweetness, visualizing what I like, which reassures me, makes me feel good. Time doesn’t exist anymore. I am, that is all.
Today I am still under treatment. My fight is not over. But I'm fine. I no longer fear. Because I have faith within me, and in medicine with its incredible progress in life. Sometimes I have moments of panic, sometimes I'm tired, sometimes I surrender, and that's okay. Deep down, I welcome all these emotions with kindness and end up calming myself down.
I wanted to testify to tell everyone who needs it, whether they are sick, or helpers going through a difficult time that no matter what there are solutions to get the ‘head out of the water’. To regain our sovereignty. Life is just a continuation of cycles, some more pleasant than others, and that they all deserve to exist and always for a good reason.
I invite you to discover the work of Aurelie, which, among other things, specializes in accompanying people with cancer. The work we do together is simply amazing. No other words to express my gratitude.
We do the remote sessions, via zoom.
Feel free to send her a private message if you would like more information.
And thank you to those who took the time to read this text.
<![CDATA[how releasing emotions can help cancer patient to be stronger during or after treatment?]]>Tue, 22 Feb 2022 22:26:08 GMThttps://bodymindcare.co.nz/blog/how-releasing-emotions-can-help-cancer-patient-to-be-stronger-during-or-after-treatment
In this 20min video I explain the different level of care that are important for you during a treatment. I also explain a bit more in depth the impact of releasing old emotion from your past during or after a cancer treatment.

Disclaimer: The hypno-coaching program for cancer support is not a cure nor a treatment and must never be replaced from an existing treatment. This support is ONLY AN ADD ON to your existing treatment. Always follow your doctors and medical team (oncologist, GP, psychologist...) advises.
<![CDATA[what is trust]]>Sat, 19 Feb 2022 03:33:00 GMThttps://bodymindcare.co.nz/blog/what-is-trust Picture
This post is from an automatic writing I received on the 17th of February 2022. I feel it may bring another perspective over this word "Trust". Follow your intuition and take only what resonates within you.

The message today is about Trust.
What is trust at your level?
Trust involves different layers of surrendering. It's a process that you learn to 'master' over time. Human impatience often sabotages the process and creates some unconscious blocks that can take some time before being released.

Trust is also a process of heart opening. The more you reconnect through your heart to your Divine nature that is beyond time and space, the more you will surrender to the absolute Trust.
Trust is aligning your heart with your physical structure composed by your energetics centers (chakras). The heart is the opening, the source that connects to Oneness, the Infinite Divine possibilities. 
Once it's opened enough, the energy that emanates from the heart spreads along all your energetic centers and will dissolve all your blockages until the energy flows freely. 
This process in itself can take a second or it can take life time. Time in this instance is irrelevant if taken from a higher perspective (from the Divine perspective). It is only from the human point of view that time is deeply felt.

The process of trust is the process of coming back "home" beyond time and space, transmuting density to become only potentiality. The word potentiality is here the closest we can have, yet it is still far from the actual meaning. Your words are build and created along your inner evolution. The more you evolve as a human being, the more you will create new words that will encompass some multi-layered concepts. At the moment your words describe linearity. As you are merging toward another paradigm, your vocabulary will expand consequently.

When you "densify" too much in this collective creation, you shut down your energetic centers by disconnecting from your heart space. The heart space is the first center touched by density. Once you become 'vulnerable', you are more likely to be polluted with pseudo-conscious-creation that will attach or use the Source energy left within you to feed on. If you keep on loosing strength, you will also start feeding unconsciously (energetically) on others. 
One cannot leave without light. Life in this instance is the Source, One or the Divine principals. In this process that can go over life time, you are slowly loosing Trust within you (Trust-in-your-self). 
Trusting yourself is the process of coming back to your True Nature beyond veils, beyond density, beyond any ego construction, beyond any pseudo-worlds or being, beyond shape and identity.
Trust in yourself is the road back "home" (but Home is nothing and anything, it IS).

Anyone on this planet has a work to do on self-trust. It is the pathway at the individual level first, then at the collective level.

At this specific time, individuals must do the active work of reconnecting through the heart to reopen the highway of trust that will shift rapidly his physical experience. When enough people will do the work, it will create a very powerful energy between Earth-Universe-human heart. Physical changes at a bigger scale will then take place.

When One starts to do the reconnecting work, he sees the change in his life. Imagine when bigger group will do it! You are already starting to witness it with the people Uniting to keep their freedom. The tilting point is close and it only needs a strong collective meditation to shift to the side of changes from the heart.

To start to Trust again, One must be ready to let go of the past, any resentment, any harsh feeling toward any perpetrators. Then reconnect to the heart space to finally imagine and feel a new paradigm emerging.

 Trusting from your heart that everything is Ok and as it IS.
All the unbalances created outside are the result of the unbalances within each and everyone of you. 

If you trust and follow your heart that has for purpose to realign, balance and harmonize your body, your thoughts and feeling, your life "outside of you" will transform.
​If you do it at a collective level, it will change at a bigger scale. Be the change and trust yourself by reconnecting to your heart space. 

<![CDATA[Reconnecting to our emotion]]>Wed, 16 Feb 2022 22:18:57 GMThttps://bodymindcare.co.nz/blog/reconnecting-to-our-emotion Picture

​In my practice I often meet people disconnected from their own emotion. It seems to be linked to our model of society, especially here in New-Zealand where from young a age we are taught to be tough, to 'suck it up' and to keep going!

The problem with this common behavior is that over time all the emotion we bottled up need to come out a way or another... Sucking up - frustration, anger, sadness, grief, shame, guilt- over years will end up blowing out in unexpecting and detrimental ways for ourselves and others around us (burn out, depression, mid-life crisis, diseases...).

We are complexed and multi-layered beings that should be comprehended as a whole. Unfortunately, our society is mainly based on the 'mental' construct of us; We must be intelligent, we must do well at school, build a career to earn money, have kids, retire maybe one day and not pay too much attention on our emotion. But we are way more than that. Our feelings and emotion are also an intrinsic part of us yet, we tend to put them aside like they were not important. Especially here in New-Zealand, no one really express their feelings, everyone is showing a smiling face, a happy life, a happy marriage when actually deep down is a storm of mixed up and pilled up feelings.

Feelings and emotion are the way the body tries to communicate to our "over thinking mind". While the mind keeps the memories of ALL our experiences, the body remembers the memories through sensation including emotion. 
We are human, therefor ANY experience is linked to sensation and emotion. When it's a happy memory, the emotion are translated in happiness, joy, lightness... But when it's  a traumatic event, it is translated into a multitude of negative feelings (anger, fear, frustration, guilt...). And the body keeps the score. The problem is that over time, it creates a huge unbalance from within because we keep the negative emotion inside instead of releasing them. Here is an example. Imagine Carl. Each time he has a happy memory, a little feather is created. Each time he has a negative memory he hasn't released, it creates a little rock. Carl had a  difficult childhood. He had some good moments but overall he had way more negative experiences. Imagine how unbalanced and heavy he must feel over time!

The question is then, how do we release negative emotion?
The fast answer is by learning to detach ourselves from the experience, therefore to detach from the feeling and emotion. It seems impossible to do but trust me, it is easier than you think, if you are willing to feel better and wanting to change. 

Here is another image. Imagine your life as a movie. You are the movie star. You are acting all your life in different ways depending on the situation and the people you meet. But as the actor, you are inside the scene feeling, reacting, thinking without having other perspectives than yours. Now imagine that suddenly you see your life from the producer point of view. The producer created the movie. He knows the story, he has a wider perspective as he sees every scene from a wider angle. Well this is exactly what you need to do. Detach yourself from being this actor suffering from harsh situation and become the producer that knows sooner or later this experience will end. He also knows that he does not need to be as involved emotionally as the actor because he is 'out of the scene, seeing from a higher perspective'.

The real work is there, we must reconnect to our unconscious feeling in order to feel at peace with our own past. The recurrent negative thoughts we have in the mind are the result of our unresolved emotion from our past. The anxiety from the future are also directly linked to our unresolved past. Everything is linked!

Who is ready to be at peace with their own past to embrace the dream life?

Aurelie is my name (or Lilly) and I offer some Hypno-coaching program support (online) to guide anyone wanting to break free from old patterns. You can book a free consult with me or have a look around my website to see what I can offer. My clients range from 8 years old to 70+ with a wide range of issues. 

Be the director of your life